Pet Parenthood: Navigating the Basics

Many of us grew up in a household with pets. Whether an adorable dog companion or a feisty feline friend, we treat them with so much love and care, just like how we treat our family members. However, becoming a fur parent yourself is a different role and it sure comes with a fair share of questions and challenges. For many of us, being a fur parent can come easily and naturally. But for some, it can be really challenging.

Especially for first timers, the role can bring out different emotions in you– puzzling, flustering, and even worrisome– to name a few. If you are feeling a little lost and need a bit of help, here are some key tools and tips in ensuring your fur baby is being well taken care of.


 Learning About Your Pet

One of the keys to great pet care is knowing and understanding your fur baby. Learn about their innate traits and how to handle them as they grow. In this way, you can be better prepared physically, mentally, and financially.

Aside from basic knowledge about your pet, compatibility also plays a big role in becoming a fur parent. Both you and your pet are going through a process of getting to know each other. Your pet can feel your emotions as a purr-ent, and so it can also exhibit anxiousness while you are around. Here are some tips to learn more and test your furry baby and your compatibility:

  1. Research about their breed – different breeds come with different personalities.
  2. Know more about the activity level of your chosen pet – Whether you are an adventurous fur parent and likes to go around, exercise, and take trips, or a homebody who likes neighborhood strolls and cuddles at home. Finding a pet which complements your activity level is as important as other considerations.
  3. If you are raising a small pet (kitten or a puppy), learn about their growth pattern. It is important to know whether a specific breed can be coddled at home or can be set free in your backyard.

Finding a Good Vet Clinic

Finding a good veterinarian in your neighborhood and never missing an appointment is vital especially to young pets. Here are some points to help you find the right vet;

  1. Ask for recommendations. Aside from Google recommendations near you, check with your friends for reputable recommendations. Get insights from your friends about their trusted vets around the area.
  2. Visit the clinic. You can visit the clinic in person to observe the environment and how the staff interact with the pets and their fur parents. This is also the right time to fire your questions and bring up your concerns.
  3. Set an appointment. If you feel like one of the vet clinics you have visited has satisfied your pet’s needs and you have found the perfect veterinarian you can entrust your fur baby with, go ahead and set an appointment with them.

Having a reliable vet is vital in keeping your fur baby healthy and happy. Bring them in for regular vet appointments and check up to ensure your fur baby is in good health. Your vet should be able to make you understand the importance of each and every vaccination your pet needs and help you with your worries as a first time fur parent.

Take Good Care of Pet Hygiene

Pet hygiene is as important as with us, humans. Poor pet hygiene can lead to irritability, distress, and anxiety even to our pets. Along with finding a good vet clinic for your vaccinations, it is also important to look for good pet clinic services. Keeping them clean and making sure they are well groomed can make your fur babies more comfortable and healthy.

Here are some of the benefits of having your fur baby professionally groomed.

  1. Early detection of any skin problem. If you regularly take your pet to the groomer, they can easily detect if there are any abnormalities in your fur baby. Aside from your daily or weekly home-brushing sessions, it is important that you have them checked by trained professionals to make sure you do not miss out any bumps or lumps. The earlier it is detected, the better to prevent any abnormalities from spreading or becoming worse.
  2. Nail, Ear, and Eye maintenance. Many pet owners find it really challenging to deal with their pets’ nail, ear, and eye maintenance. This is mainly because cats and dogs may often be cranky whenever these parts are being touched. Leaving it to the experts makes it easier for our pets to feel more comfortable while excess gunk, ear wax, and overgrown nails are being taken care of.
  3. Less shedding. Letting your groomer take care of your pet’s coat promotes healthier skin and coat, less shedding, and reduces the likelihood of developing tangles and mats.



Train Your Pets



During the first few days, both you and your pet are adjusting to having each other around. As a fur parent, you may use these first few days to teach them house rules. This is the time when treats may come in handy. The use of positive reinforcement to teach your new pet some rules is important for them to build their routine in your house.

During this time, it is best to observe your pet’s behavior. Pay attention to their body language– how it wags its tail and the movement of their eyes, ears, and paws. Figure out their toilet patterns, sleeping behaviors, and feeding times.

For pet dogs, one of the best things about having them is that you can train them. You can start as early as having them as a young pup or anytime you want to teach them a new trick. Dog training can help them be more alert and obedient to various stimuli as long as they have been properly trained. This can also be beneficial in controlling your pet’s undesirable behavior and boosts their confidence through positive reinforcement.


The path to fur parenthood is not as easy as it looks like. For new fur parents and the like, there are considerably a lot of things to know and understand. Just like welcoming a new member of the family, becoming a fur parent requires extra patience and hard work to make it work. Whether you are a new fur parent or adopting a new pet, it is a continuous learning process for all pet-lovers. 

It might be tough to navigate but it’s worth every trouble as your pet settles in your home. You will realize that all the effort you have been exerting to take care of your pet’s needs are being compensated as you embark on this journey of pet parenthood.

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