Certified TNR Professional

Successful TNR requires experience and knowledge and our Certified TNR Professional exam will separate you from the pack. Obtaining our certification will display your command of TNR best practices and signify your commitment to professionalism.

Certification Requirements:

    • Must score at least 48 correct questions out of 60 (80%).
    • Must complete the exam in 60 minutes.

The exam has 5 categories of questions:

    1. Cat Behavior (15% of questions)
    2. Humane Trapping (25% of questions)
    3. Surgery (10% of questions)
    4. Community Relations & Caretaking (35% of questions)
    5. Special Situations & Kitten Care (15% of questions)

Note: If you do not pass, you will be offered the chance to retake the exam at a discounted price.

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