Caring for Senior Pets

Denise Fleck, the Pet Safety Crusader, will take you on a self-guided journey into Caring for Senior Pets.

This course will help you become more aware as to how dogs and cats mature and grow older. If you’d like to enhance your learning, you can purchase The Autumn & Winter of Your Pet: Make Those Senior Years Golden here on Amazon.

Topics Include:

  • What you can’t change (genes and years gone by)
  • What you can change (exercise, nutrition and veterinary assistance)
  • Improve your pet’s quality of life

Course Details:

  • The course is self-guided and takes approximately 2 hours.
  • Must score at least 40 correct questions out of 50 (80%).
  • Must complete the exam in 60 minutes.

Upon successful completion of the course and exam, you will receive a certification badge. Note: If you do not pass, you will be offered the chance to retake the exam at a discounted price.

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