Basic First Aid for Pocket Pets

Denise Fleck, the Pet Safety Crusader, will take you on a self-guided journey into the basic care of your lagomorph and/or rodent best friend.

She will share with you what signs accompany various illness and injury, the basic steps needed to care for your pet in a time of crisis, and how to minimize complications until you can reach veterinary care. If you’d like to enhance your learning, you can purchase First Aid Basics for Rabbits & Pocket Pets here on Amazon.

Topics Include:

  • How to check vitals and what is normal for their various species
  • Back and bone injuries, bleeding & bumble foot
  • Burns, bites and poisoning

Course Details:

  • The course is self-guided and takes approximately 90 minutes.
  • Must score at least 40 correct questions out of 50 (80%).
  • Must complete the exam in 60 minutes.

Upon successful completion of the course and exam, you will receive a certification badge. Note: If you do not pass, you will be offered the chance to retake the exam at a discounted price.

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